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A Work in Progress Addiction Blog

When we first come into recovery, there is so much new information for us to digest. Often times, we become overwhelmed with all there is to learn, remember, and apply. It can help us to journal our thoughts and feelings, and revisit them often. It also helps to listen to the perspective of others, and learn from their experience, strength, and hope.

The area below is part of our website where we share information that has been helpful to us in recovery. We want to share this information with you in hopes that it will help you find healing in your recovery too. Also from time to time, we will be sharing information about what is happening with A Work in Progress.

As always, we are available to speak with you and answer any questions you have about A Work in Progress, the recovery process, or any of the information you read on this website. Please contact us at (818) 633-1719 to speak with someone directly, or you may use the form on our Contact page to email us.

Why Is It Important to Have a Sober Living Family in Recovery?

Nearly any recovery expert will recommend sober living after a treatment program. There are some really good benefits to sober living that can improve the quality of recovery in most any circumstance. At A Work In Progress, we provide a safe, supportive sober living environment that caters to the special needs of women in recovery.

1. Sober living provides a family that understands recovery needs.

For many people, going back home after treatment isn't an option. Either their family atmostphere is not good for their recovery, there may be too many triggers, or family relationships may be strained. Finding an sober living home that caters to your specific needs will help you overcome the obstacles that a traditional family setting may impose.

In a sober living home, residents find a new family and strengthen themselves through supporting and positive relationships. Sober living is about the fun and camaraderie of a group of people who have found a new lease on life. Together, you'll help keep each other accountable and support each other when times get difficult.

2. A safe sober living home helps eliminate triggers.

Many families keep alcohol in their home. Some even have prescription medications, or maybe even another person's stash. If the substance is present and accessible, its a trigger. Or perhaps even if there are no substances, a parent, spouse, or even a child can be a trigger. This is especially true if the relationships are strained. Taking some time away from these situations to build up a recovery toolbox will help to navigate these situations in the future, or avoid them altogether.

3. Sober Living homes have resources to help build recovery.

Sober living homes aren't just a fun place to live with supportive friends, but also a wealth of resources to help growth in recovery. A sober living home manager will know the best meetings, therapists, outpatient programs, and may even have leads on jobs or scholarships for school. Sober living homes are prepared to meet the needs of the residents, no matter what issue arises.

Going through treatment is a stressful time, and those who do it need a lot of support. Sober living homes, managers, and residents are a valuable resource for those new in recovery. If you're looking for a sober living home that's equipped to handle women's needs in recovery, then A Work in Progress is here to help. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a tour.


My First Christmas as a Sober Woman at A Work in Progress

By Penny F. at A Work in Progress.

The holidays can be a challenging time, for even the healthiest of families. Images of Norman Rockwell’s Christmas lead us to believe that the holidays should be the perfect picture of love and togetherness. And, while that may be true for some folks, it’s certainly not true for mine.

Memories of my father drinking way too much brandy and eggnog and blasting holiday music, my Mother, wrapping presents at the last minute on Christmas and even wrapping her own presents from my Father (that she had purchased for herself) created a chaos that I didn’t yet have words for. It would be years later that I learned it was alcoholism and codependence.

And then I became the alcoholic. Or, I would switch roles occasionally and was the dry drunk and a controlling codependent, attempting to recreate a perfect holiday experience that never existed. Either way, I could not bear to feel my feelings and be in the present moment, and I drove everyone crazy.


A Big Thanks to Carrillo's Mexican Deli in Winnetka

The residents and managers at A Work In Progress want to offer a huge thanks to Carrillo's Mexican Deli on Sherman Way in Winnetka. Carrillo's recently donated rice, beans, flour tortillas and a dozen tamales for dinner to our home.

Carrillo's offers affordable food at a great price, but it's their kind hearts and generosity that make the restaurant amazing. We highly recommend them! Please support this great establishment.


Overcoming Fear in Recovery

When we first come in to recovery, often we struggle with so much fear. Are we going to relapse? Are we going to be able to find work? Are we going to be able to keep work? Are the people in meetings going to like me? There is so much to learn, there is so much that is new, and there are so many uncertainties that fear is almost certain to take hold in our lives in some form another. So how do we conquer fear in recovery?

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